I remember a nice moment in my career when someone said to me, “You can make a cave look pretty.” After my obligatory, “Aww shucks…Me? No you…” I silently gloated, ”hee hee, I can.” Mary and I spent a lifetime of moving from one house to the next. Our dad’s career, coupled with our mom’s case of “ants in the pants,” led us to 12 different childhood homes. My need to feel grounded led me to my talent for creating personal spaces that reflect personality, be it yours or mine. As long as my bedroom, my closet (or even my fort) was decorated, I was home. For Mary her particular aesthetic grew from a desire for function; a place for everything and everything in its place. It was a symbiotic relationship that perfectly meshed with kitchen and bath design.

I thought in this blog I would share how my skill set adds to a space. How does a space look layered and loved without feeling cluttered?

There is a formula that may help you make that fireplace mantel, bookshelves or open shelving look inviting. START BIG! I mean with a group of loved objects that you want to display, literally find the largest object to catapult this vignette into reality. It could be a mirror, an old wood frame an oversized vase or jar and find where it needs to be placed. From that point on work …well… sideways. I tend to lay books on their side and use them as a base for a candle, a small bowl of marbles or found objects to add interest. Don’t forget to add photos that are a variety of widths and heights. We are striving for balance, not symmetry. The goal is a place that is you. It’s a spot to reflect on things that remind you of people, places and events that get you all warm and fuzzy.


Email photos of your fantastic displays to susan@centered-interiors.com.

Feeling like you could use some support? We would love to help! E-mail us pics of the treasures you want to display and Mary and I will put together a few options.

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