Here at Centered Interiors, we are blessed to have our principal designer, Mary Culbertson. Besides having artistic flair and good color sense, Mary has the skills and degree to back up her suggestions for functional living. She was fortunate enough to work closely with a registered and established interior designer before moving on to create her own company. In today’s blog, I want to bring to your attention all that goes into making a great designer and a great design.

It starts out with a vision and a preliminary sketch, sometimes on the back of a napkin or a paper bag. The truth is drawing is part of the design process. The drawings start out with a rough sketch and are refined with accurate measured and detailed drawings. The skill has been honed through hours of sketching, drawing and model making. An interior designer completes an accredited design program and sometimes a focused certificate as well, such as a kitchen and bathroom design certification through the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). Continuing education unit courses are required annually in order to remain certified.

I realize that sounds like a mouthful. What I see as the greatest benefit of hiring a designer is their ability to evaluate their clients and their client’s needs. They develop a plan to make their space function for them in ways they did not even know they needed. In the long run, what appears to be a luxury is really a money-saving resource. Hiring a designer is a valuable way to execute a plan successfully from start to finish. A qualified designer ensures that every detail has been thought of and addressed. We here at Centered believe that a good design is a timeless design. So do it once and do it right.

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