You may remember, in an earlier blog I made mention of our mom. She was a woman who had a great passion for paint, and was not afraid to use it. If an object or a room looked liked it could use some “perking up”, mom had the just the right color in mind. Though she was not by any stretch of the imagination, a Picasso, she certainly was a master of the transformative power of paint. As I got older, I too, took a shine to paintbrushes, furniture finds and imagination. The current trend of bright colors has caused us here at Centered Interiors to swoon with excitement. So if you are not into DYI projects there is no need to fret, as painted pieces can be found everywhere. Here are some beautiful items I found on a site called

We think it’s aesthetically intriguing to combine old and new. It’s especially refreshing when a piece of furniture that is normally wood is surprisingly bright and colorful. So our advice here, at Centered, is to have fun, put aside your inhibitions and get lacquered up!







Posted by:Sue Haggblom

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