Happy Summer! Being that I am a bit of a romantic, I automatically associate summer with barefeet, fireflies, and front porch swings. Recently, I relocated to Louisville Kentucky to work together with my sister at Centered Interiors. The charm of the city certainly doesn’t disappoint, and what adds to that charm is the front porch swing. I would go so far as to say Louisville is the land of the front porch done right.

I found some shots of swings and front porches on Pinterest that will serve to inspire the romantic in all of you. Enjoy…. Happy 4th!

PINK! I just love pink! Enough said.
Don’t underestimate the power of color! This red says” come on in and take a seat!”
This porch swing is a picture of happiness. The sign above the swing that says barefeet is one I can get behind.
“I want to go to there.”

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