If you are planning your child’s dream room, who better to dream with, than your child? In this case two of them. Mary’s little girls are both nine and ready to design their own space. As you can see by their design, a huge aquarium is built into the wall, along with rows of animal homes containing guinea pigs, snakes and what appears to be a miniature bear is on the must have list. The twins also are really “NEEDING” a cool bunk bed (emphasis on neeeed!!!) with a fold out desk ready to store any secret belonging’s. To their credit, a quiet place is added along with their cool slide and game area.
Well, welcome to the land of compromise. Not every “crazy” idea needs the heave ho. The fun and collaboration can begin with two or three non- negotiable items. If a hammock for a bed exceeds your comfort level why not include an egg chair swing in the quiet place. Wall color doesn’t need to be eye poppin’ and in your face. Purple may be the favorite color this month but orange and yellow may be on next month’s hit parade. Solution: Large white Ikea frames with the color du jour. Try using swatches of fabric or a sample of wallpaper to make those colors stand out.
Here are some great photos I found surfing the web that can serve to inspire:

check out this wall hanging aquarium! Sure its not the monstrosity the kids imagined but 3 in a row could look super cute!


A clear egg chair! What!!! AWESOME MOM!
slide..woo hoo
Color of the week…How about removable wall pops? Easy on . Easy off.
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