I get all mushy and warm fuzzy-ish when I see babies, baby toys, baby books, baby clothes, well you get the idea. Having been a pre-school teacher in my past life, I have a real affinity for children’s decor. You can imagine my excitement when I ran across an article in Domino Magazine, announcing a custom framing company called Framebridge teaming up with Penguin books.
Susan Tynan, Framebridge’s founder, loves this collection that features a mix of classics, recent bestsellers and titles we all love. A favorite of many is, Anne Dewdney’s, Llama Llama Red Pajama and Tao Nyeu’s, Wonder Bear. A personal favorite of our family, and a real classic, is Corduroy, written and illustrated by Don Freeman. My heads already a flutter thinking of the inspiration these prints would offer a toddlers room. Each framed piece will have a certificate of authenticity from the illustrator as well as a choice of frames to go with the clients personal design aesthetic.

We have searched high and low looking for amazing baby/toddler spaces. Here are a few that have made Centered’s list

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