Custom, full length, drapery has an outstanding dramatic appeal, but it is not necessarily the best choice for every project. A case in point is our new sweet client, Annette. Retirement is around the corner, and she is rewarding herself with an all white dream kitchen. Annette has wisely chosen to add a wow factor with beautiful drapery fabric. The window called for another option besides panels. With little debate we concluded that flat roman shades would work famously between the built-ins. Roman shades are streamlined and stack neatly at the top of each window. The choice of a bright patterned fabric is showcased by the flat fronts of the roman shades. It’s Genius!

This type of window treatment provides coverage without the concern of the wall space.When selecting a fabric for a roman shade, we find it helpful to consider translucency along with how easily it will operate and stack when it is retracted. Light and medium weight fabrics are fine for such a project. It is also important to take into consideration the fabrics ability to lie flat. The thicker the fabric, the harder that look will be to achieve. Architectural Digest suggests, testing the material for pliability. Fold over the fabric a few times to get an idea how it reacts to being layered. If it won’t lay flat it is not the best choice

We choose to line our treatment to give it a more finished look. Not all shades need to be lined but roman shades are especially busy “ behind the seams.” The lift strings are visible when light filters in. Being that these shades are for a kitchen we opted for a light lining as opposed to a blackout liner.(Blackout lining is more often than not used in a bedroom or an area of the home where complete darkness is required.)

Lastly we need to consider the placement of the shades. Should they be inside or outside of the window moldings? Annette’s house happens to have beautiful window trims that would be a shame to hide. Therefore an inside mount is a great choice. Other clients may happen to like them placed outside of the window. An outside mount works really well with a modern minimal trim. Putting the shade high and wide can only add to the roman shades drama.

There are plenty of fabric choices and plenty of window treatment options. Have fun searching for your perfect fit.” And Sew It Goes!”

Posted by:Sue Haggblom

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