This one might look a little familiar. This client had worked with us in the past and they were not entirely ready to give up the spaces we had created for them in their former home. We were under the impression that was their forever home, but we were oh so wrong! Here we are in the new space and we’ve been busy. This primary bathroom was completely gutted and then formed (sculpted?) to reflect the homeowners’ personal taste. This home’s bathrooms had not been updated since the early 1980’s and it showed. We ripped out the cave-like shower, the heavy tiled-in tub, and the carpet – yes – the CARPET. The onyx and marble tile we had selected and installed in their previous home had to come along for the ride. Of course we couldn’t just do the same thing with it though. I suppose you could say that we went for the gold. Literally.

Photography by Justin L. Jordan