Located in the midst of horse country, this cozy colonial farmhouse is the ideal home for this busy family. The location couldn’t be better. Nestled in the trees within a quiet neighborhood, the kids can explore the woods and play in the expansive yard while mom and dad cozy up in the screened in porch and watch or join in the fun. What a great property.

The interior layout of the primary bathroom, however, was tight and dark. With no windows, this odd cut-up bathroom felt more like an afterthought than a retreat from busy lives. The space contradicted everything this home was meant to be. We stretched the room slightly to open it up and added a much needed window to bring natural light in. This young family wanted a fresh palette to add a sense of calm to their lives. The room is now flooded with beautiful light and earthy materials. Although the kids tend to use this tub more than their mom now, it has become the favorite room in the house by everyone – Mom included.

Photography by J.L. Jordan Photography