This 110 year old Victorian home has had many owners over its lifetime and therefore has taken on many different styles and updates. This poor kitchen was throughly dysfunctional before we got our hands on it. Our clients are art collectors and Alec is both an actor and a chef. His desire was to have a kitchen that was easy to maintain, flows freely, and is clutter-free (for Michele’s sanity!). The kitchen lacked storage and appropriate prep/work space. By flipping the kitchen to the opposite side of the room, it improved the flow of traffic thru the space and allowed for far more working surface area. Furthermore, we added the square footage of the screened porch to the finished footprint of the kitchen in order to gain more kitchen space. The new kitchen design is functional, uncluttered, and inviting. Now they can entertain their guests and prepare all of the fabulous meals Alec can dream up!